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What Is Tartar

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Evan
What Is TartarIf you give your teeth a close inspection, you may be able to determine whether or not tartar is present on your teeth. Your teeth and gums may appear unattractive as a result of the presence of this unsightly buildup, which is also referred to as dental calculus. However, this can also lead to a number of clinical problems with your teeth and gums, which is why it is so important to prevent tartar from forming on your teeth in the first place.

Plaque Is Different From Tartar

Plaque on teeth is a sticky biofilm that develops in the mouth over time from saliva, bacteria, fungus, and bits of food particles. Brushing and flossing are generally efficient in removing this film from your teeth as part of your everyday oral care regimen. This stops it from building up on the inside surfaces of the mouth, where it might irritate.

On the other hand, tartar may build up on the surfaces of teeth if dental hygiene is not maintained correctly or if an excessive amount of sugar is consumed. Once the film has been securely affixed to the teeth, many bacteria can flourish.

Something truly intriguing takes place when the plaque starts to form. Minerals like calcium phosphate might be found to have precipitated inside the plaque as a result of your saliva. This eliminates bacterial cells but also causes the plaque to become more rigid and calcified, causing it to adhere more securely to the tooth's surface.

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