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Here Is What A Dentist Will Do If Your Dentures Have Become Loose!

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Evan
Here Is What A Dentist Will Do If Your Dentures Have Become Loose!If your dentures are no longer fitting well, it is crucial that you make an appointment with a dentist to have them inspected and get solutions. Having properly fitting dentures allows you to use them optimally and reduces the odds of risking your oral health.

What to do With Loose Dentures

Usually, there are different denture adhesives available. You apply denture creams and pastes before placing the dentures in the mouth. After you insert the dentures, you push them onto the gums where they form a bond. The creams and pastes keep the restorations secure, however, they can messy. Also, these pastes and creams are difficult to clean up after you have removed your dentures.

There is also denture adhesive powder that keeps the pieces in place. However, sometimes, it has a stronger bond with the gums compared to pastes and creams. You spread the powders in a light layer throughout the wet dentures. The powder goes into the areas of the dentures that come in contact with the gums. The good thing about powders is that they don't ooze. Your end-of-the-day cleanup of the mouth is also much easier.

You may also get strips or cushions. These are considered the cleanest of denture adhesives. Strips are pre-formed so that they fit the shape of the denture. They also easily peel off from the denture. But are these the only options you have for making firm your loose denture? No!

Additionally, a dentist may grind problem areas on the denture plate, which could be making the pieces feel loose. If a minor adjustment does not fix the issue of loose dentures, then a dentist may consider relining the appliance.

There are soft and hard relining options. Soft relining involves the addition of a polymer to the inside part of your denture tray. When you place the denture in the mouth, the polymer will conform to the gums' shape. Hard denture relining involves the use of plastic to reline the appliance. Talk to us about options for denture looseness and we will guide you.

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