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The Implications Of E-Cigarettes On Oral Health

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Evan
The Implications Of E-Cigarettes On Oral Health Scientific studies on vaping have often focused on the adverse effects of the habit on the cardiovascular system. But more scientists are increasingly assessing the dangers it may pose for your teeth and gums. Some ingredients that cause heart problems can also cause tooth decay and periodontal disease. If you have symptoms of gum disease, talk to our team of highly experienced dentists.

E-Cigarretes and Gum Health

Basically, concerns over e-cigarettes on oral health stem from the ingredients present in them. Propylene glycol, for example, breaks down into lactic acid, propionaldehyde, and acetic acid. Your teeth may suffer from enamel breakdown.

Vegetable glycerin and flavorings present in e-cigarettes make a sugary liquid that contributes to a massive increase in biofilm and microbial formation. As a result, you get an ideal breeding ground for tooth cavities because of the weakening of the enamel. Additionally, e-cigarettes contribute to gum recession, risking tooth loss.

Physiological Changes in the Oral Cavity

One of the common dental complaints for e-cigarette users is mouth dryness. Vapes contain nicotine which dries up saliva in the oral cavity. A dry mouth can alter the microbial composition in your mouth.

Nicotine kills good bacteria, making it easier for inflammation-causing microbes to invade the oral cavity. Since e-cigarettes sometimes contain more nicotine than regular cigarettes, an infection can rapidly spread to the rest of the mouth.

Black tongue is another common symptom in severe cases of inflammation. The black tongue is where the tongue accumulates a residue of dead cells and unhealthy microbes, causing it to change color.

If you are concerned about the oral health risks of e-cigarettes or vaping, contact us today. All the same, it is paramount you stop using these products. They are not safe for your oral and general health. Visit our dental office today.

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