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Food & Beverages That Cause Teeth Erosion

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Evan
Food & Beverages That Cause Teeth ErosionSugar is not the only product that causes teeth to rot there are other foods and beverages that have high acid and that can cause erosion of the teeth. Exposing the tooth enamel to acid triggers erosion, when the erosion occurs the appearance of the tooth changes and the bacteria enters causing the cavities.

Acid foods and beverages

There are nutritious foods that contain acids, we can hardly do away with these foods. Tomatoes, and citrus fruits contain citric acid that damage and weaken the tooth enamel. The foods are best consumed during meals and not by themselves. Some other foods like dried fruits and raisins stick to the mouth and so they can cause harm to the teeth forming cavities and dental caries. Soft drinks like sodas have high sugar content that makes teeth to rot, the sugars go in between the teeth and this causes dental cavity and the tooth decays. The sports drinks are acidic and the acid injures the enamel. The enamel weakens and makes it vulnerable exposing the pulp and finally pain and sensitivity.

Drinking and smoking

This is a habit that most people engage into and are not willing to forgo it. Drinking and smoking is not good for your oral health and can cause a health hazard. Smoking cause teeth to discolor and the plaque and tartar form in between the teeth. If you do not remove the plaque and tartar, they lead to decay of the teeth and a cavity is forms and finally tooth loss can occur.

If the enamel wears away, you may experience pain and sensitivity when consuming hot or cold drinks and even sweet drinks. The teeth might also discolor and form a yellowish substance and you might notice that your fillings are changing. Visit the dentist to get more knowledge on the foods and beverages that cause food erosion
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