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I Have Sleep Apnea, What Happens If I Don't Get It Treated?

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Evan
I Have Sleep Apnea, What Happens If I Don't Get It Treated?Sleep apnea is a potentially grave sleep disorder that causes one to stop breathing temporarily. This can happen repeatedly even as many as a hundred times when one is asleep. When you stop breathing, your brain still registers what is happening and signals you to wake up, but you cannot. The most common type is OSA, standing for obstructive sleep apnea. During OSA, your throat muscles repeatedly relax, blocking your airway and momentarily cutting off breathing

Can You Die of Sleep Apnea?

Experts say that you cannot die of sleep apnea since the disorder causes breathing to continually stop and start again. Once the body senses that it is receiving inadequate oxygen, you are forced to wake up. This happens several times a night.

On the other hand, OSA disrupts the circadian rhythms and interferes with the cardiac and respiratory functions. It also speeds up your heart rate, elevates blood pressure, and imbalances your body and brain chemistry. Again, OSA speeds up your heart rate. The American Sleep Apnea Association advises that if this condition is left untreated could result in higher mortality.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

You could be experiencing this condition if you noticed repeated stopping and restarting of breathing when sleeping, waking up regularly throughout the night, snoring loudly when you sleep, and regular insomnia. You may also gasp for air as you wake up from sleep. Sleeping restlessly, decreased sex drive, headaches, and moodiness are other symptoms.

What Can Happen If I Do Not Get Treatment?

For some people, sleep apnea is not so serious, however, the condition's symptoms can worsen if ignored. Symptoms can bring serious health issues including memory problems, unexplained weight gain, and depression. A patient may also have impotence, high blood pressure, as well as heart attack, and worsening of ADHD condition. Others include stroke, diabetes, and developmental issues among kids.

If you or a loved one has sleep apnea, ensure they get professional care from our dentist. We are always pleased to assist our patients. Please call us for an appointment with our sleep dentist!

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