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What Causes Jawbone Loss?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Evan
What Causes Jawbone Loss?The jawbone is vital for your teeth and facial structures. It is also the reason why you chew and speak comfortably. As such, jawbone loss can affect the quality of your life and appearance. While some symptoms of jawbone loss may include pain when chewing, headaches, wrinkles, or facial distortion, you will likely miss the early signs. This can contribute to severe issues such as teeth loosening and tooth loss. A good way to avoid these issues is by preventing jawbone deterioration, and you can achieve this by learning the causes. Here are 3 causes of jawbone loss.

Tooth Loss

Missing teeth are the leading cause of jawbone deterioration. There is a relationship between the jawbone and the teeth. The jawbone supports the teeth, and the teeth stimulate the bone through biting and chewing. This makes both the jawbone and teeth healthy. That said, a missing tooth means that there will be no jawbone stimulation. After some time, the body will reabsorb the minerals in the bone cell and distribute them to other areas of the body. This makes the jawbone shrink and deteriorate. In this case, you can prevent jawbone loss by replacing a missing tooth with dental implants.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that affects the teeth, gums, and bones. During its early stage, you may experience gum inflammation and swelling. The gums may also bleed when you bite or brush. The good thing is that you can reverse these symptoms with good oral care. However, at the advanced stage (periodontitis), infections can occur below the gum line, and you will likely experience symptoms such as gum recession, bad breath, and bone loss. Luckily, you can prevent jawbone loss by seeking treatment when you notice the early signs of gum disease.


Poor teeth alignment can affect the bite strength, leading to a lack of jawbone stimulation. The good thing is that orthodontic treatments can fix teeth misalignment. Schedule an appointment with our dental team to learn more about how to prevent jawbone loss.

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