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Dental care while wearing braces

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Evan
Dental care while wearing bracesFinally, the hustle of getting braces is over! Well, now you need to learn to take care of your oral health while having them on. Braces correct teeth misalignment and biting functions. They are ideal and effective orthodontic treatments.

Brush after every meal

Braces have brackets that easily trap food particles in between the brackets and the teeth. At the bare minimum, rinse your mouth with water after every meal. As you rinse your mouth, swish the water around for like 30 or so seconds. Rinsing also helps to neutralize the acidity left in the mouth during digestion. We understand that it can be hard to brush after every meal. Assuming you are traveling, it may not be feasible to brush after every meal. Failure to brush or rinse your mouth will result in cavities and gum inflammation due to tartar accumulation. Doctors advocate for the use of an interproximal brush when wearing braces. An interproximal brush can access the areas between the wires and the teeth.

Orthodontic flossing

Flossing is crucial in maintaining good oral hygiene when wearing orthodontic devices. Brushing may not get to the spaces between the teeth. When you floss, you can address plaque lodging in hidden areas below the brackets of the braces. When wearing braces, not all flossers will work efficiently. Consider getting floss threaders that work well with any orthodontic appliance. Orthodontic experts recommend using a sawing-like motion when flossing. Investing in water irrigators and water flossers is an ideal option as well.

Be prompt in fixing broken braces

Braces may get damaged accidentally. Do not leave protruded wires and brackets hanging as this can have adverse effects. If the damage is minimal, you can use orthodontic wax to secure the damaged bracket. However, this should be temporary as you plan to schedule an appointment with the doctor for replacement. At no point should you leave your braces unprotected especially when playing sports. Wear a mouth guard on both the bottom and top teeth as an added protection. Schedule a meeting with our orthodontists today. You can be assured to get value for your money.
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