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Toothache vs. Tooth Sensitivity: What Are The Differences?

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
Toothache vs. Tooth Sensitivity: What Are The Differences?Tooth sensitivity and toothache are common dental issues that cause discomfort and concern. However, many people confuse these conditions due to their similar symptoms. You should know how to differentiate between tooth sensitivity and toothache to determine the appropriate treatment and seek timely dental care. Here are the differences between toothache and tooth sensitivity:

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity Vs Toothache

Tooth sensitivity is a sharp, temporary pain or discomfort when you take hot or cold, sweet, or acidic foods, or when pressure is applied during brushing. On the other hand, a toothache is a persistent, throbbing, or sharp pain that originates from within the tooth itself. Various factors cause toothache, such as tooth decay, dental abscess, gum disease, cracked tooth, or an impacted wisdom tooth.

What Does It Feel To Have Tooth Sensitivity Vs Toothache

Tooth sensitivity is a short, sharp pain that subsides quickly after removing the stimulus. The discomfort is usually localized to one or more specific teeth and does not last long.

On the other hand, a toothache can cause constant or intermittent pain that may be throbbing, dull, or sharp. The pain from a toothache can radiate to the surrounding areas, such as the jaw or ear, and can be more persistent and severe than tooth sensitivity.

How To Treat Tooth Sensitivity Vs Toothache

Treating tooth sensitivity typically involves desensitizing toothpaste containing potassium nitrate or fluoride ingredients. Avoiding extremely hot or cold foods and drinks and maintaining good oral hygiene can help alleviate sensitivity.

If the sensitivity is due to gum recession or enamel erosion, the dentist may recommend dental bonding or sealants to protect the exposed dentin. The treatment for a toothache depends on the underlying cause. If tooth decay is the issue, a dental filling may be required.

In cases of infection or abscess, a root canal treatment may be necessary to save the tooth. In some instances, an extraction might be the only solution if the tooth is severely damaged or decayed beyond repair. Come to our office today to ask the dentist about the difference between toothache and tooth sensitivity.
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