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What Can Happen If You Brush More Than the Recommended Daily Amount?

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Evan
What Can Happen If You Brush More Than the Recommended Daily Amount?For good oral hygiene, it is recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day. However, you might find it helpful to brush your teeth after consuming eating to get rid of food particles that could result in decay. Can you find yourself brushing your teeth excessively? The term "overbrushing" refers to both how much and how you brush your teeth. Compulsive and vigorous brushing can result in oral health problems that leave your teeth in bad condition. There are many risks of brushing your teeth excessively; they include:

Trigger Gum Recession

Overzealous and improper brushing could lead to gum recession. This happens when a part of your tooth called the dentin is exposed. Exposed dentin increases tooth sensitivity and makes it uncomfortable to drink cold beverages. In some cases, gum recession could result in tooth decay that is harmful to your oral health.

Tooth Abrasion

Brushing your too hard and excessively could cause tooth abrasion. This is a severe condition where part of the tooth structure wears off due to excessive pressure. You gradually wear down the tooth enamel by brushing your teeth too aggressively. This exposes the underlying tissues that could be very uncomfortable.

Sensitivity and Bleeding Gums

Brushing too hard will also result in sensitivity and bleeding gums. Once the outer layer of your tooth is damaged, you are likely to experience sensitivity due to the exposed tissues. You will also have bleeding gums due to the damaged gum tissues. This makes it quite uncomfortable to eat or drink. You will experience a sharp sensitivity every time you have a cold drink. This is why it is vital to stop brushing your teeth aggressively. Instead, brush them gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Contact us for more information on the dangers of brushing too hard.
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