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Why Should I Get Dental Bridges

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Evan
Why Should I Get Dental BridgesIf you have a missing tooth or teeth, you may need to have a dental bridge procedure to bridge the gap between teeth. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth used to permanently replace a missing tooth. It can be made of an alloy, gold or porcelain. Most people prefer porcelain because it can be matched to your natural teeth color.

Types of Bridges

Traditional dental bridges. This is attached to the adjacent teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. Crowns are placed on the teeth on either sides and are attached to the bridge.

Cantilever bridges. Used when the missing tooth has a neighboring tooth on only one side. Maryland bonded bridges. The porcelain or metal wings are bonded to the adjacent teeth. Implant-supported. A dental implant is placed on the adjacent sides of the bridge for support.

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge

A missing tooth can make the neighboring teeth to shift. This can lead to oral health problems like improper bite, difficulty when chewing and self-consciousness.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Having a dental bridge procedure has many benefits to your oral health. Some of these benefits are, correction of an improper bite, prevention of shifting, enhancement of appearance, restoration of the ability to chew, prevention of bone loss and speech restoration.

Caring for Dental Bridges

Follow good dental hygiene. You should brush your teeth after meals and use a dental floss once in a day. Regular dental visits. Schedule appointments to have your oral health examined for early detection of a problem. This increases the success rate of the treatment. Make changes in your diet by eating healthy and avoiding chewy, hard and sugary foods. For more information on dental bridges, contact us or schedule an appointment.
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