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Will Your Dental Bonding Stain?

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Evan
Will Your Dental Bonding Stain?Dental bonding is a popular procedure to improve the appearance of teeth. It is a quick, easy, and relatively affordable way to fix problems such as chips, cracks, and gaps. So, will the dental bonding get stained? The answer is yes; dental bonding can get stained. Here is what you should know.

Why Dental Bonding Gets Stained?

A few different things can cause bonded teeth to become stained. First, bonding can absorb the color of foods and drinks, just like natural teeth. Therefore, it is essential to avoid dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea, and cola and brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything that might cause staining. In addition, smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products can also lead to bonding discoloration. The best way to avoid staining and discoloration is to quit smoking altogether. Finally, failure to brush and floss regularly can allow plaque and tartar to build upon the surface of the teeth, causing staining.

How To Prevent Dental Bonding Getting Stained?

To help prevent staining and keep your dental bonding looking its best, here are some tips, like avoiding foods that are exceptionally high in staining compounds, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and certain fruits and vegetables. These foods are not inherently bad for your teeth, but they can contribute to dental discoloration over time. Also, be strategic about your toothpaste choice. Some toothpaste can be more abrasive than others and damage enamel over time. Look for a mild anti-cavity formula with fluoride-free of harsh chemicals. Take care when brushing your teeth. Brush gently at first to clear away any food debris on the surface of the bonding material before concentrating on each tooth with a firmer motion. It will help you avoid inadvertently damaging the bonding material while keeping your teeth clean and free of plaque buildup.

If you want to get your dental bonding cleaned, you can visit our dentist's office, and we will professionally clean it for you.
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