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All You Need To Know About Laser Teeth Whitening

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Evan
All You Need To Know About Laser Teeth WhiteningTo its name, laser teeth whitening entails using a beam of high-intensity light with a bleaching gel to whiten one's teeth. It's a procedure done at the dentist's office, unlike other at-home whitening procedures. Laser whitening procedures are done on patients with discolored and stained teeth to uplift their aesthetics. Below are some of the Laser Teeth Whitening Side Effects:

Tooth Sensitivity

The procedure uses potent bleaching agents that enhance its efficiency. However, the bleaching solutions cause sensitivity to the patients as, within the first two days, one may experience sharp pain when taking hot or cold foodstuffs. Dentists claim the sensitivity should last for a couple of days and vanish. For patients living with sensitive teeth, prior consultation and opening p of their current situations will enable the dentist to advise on the best whitening method to take.

Damage From Excessive Whitening

While teeth whitening procedures uplift and brighten one's smile, when done in excess may lead to permanent damage to your teeth. You may have brittle or translucent teeth, which are prone to dental diseases. Whitening procedures should never be overdone, and you should follow the dentist's instructions to the latter to achieve the desired results, as damages done by laser whitening procedures are impossible to undo.

Gum Irritation

Whitening solutions in your mouth means additional effects on gums and other mouth parts. You may experience sensitivity in equal measure to the teeth' after the procedures. Again, the sensitivity should disappear after a while. Sensitivity on the lips and inner cheeks should never worry you as the soft tissues try to react to the whitening solutions as well. Once you notice any bleeding after the procedure, however, a visit to the dentist is required.

Visit our offices for safe, effective, and comfortable laser teeth whitening procedures. Please book an appointment with our team of professionals for quality services.
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