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Applications of Composite Bonding and How it Compares to Veneers

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Evan
Applications of Composite Bonding and How it Compares to VeneersIf you want to have a gorgeous smile, your teeth must be in great condition. A visit to the dentist is necessary if you feel that the condition of your teeth is preventing you from flashing the perfect grin. You will have a variety of alternatives at our dentist's office for improving the state of your teeth. You have a few options which include veneers and bonding. These treatments make your teeth seem better, giving you the courage to smile in public. The best line of action will be suggested to you by our dentists.

How Do Veneers Make Your Teeth Look Better?

Veneers are very thin covers that are applied to the front visible side of your teeth when you visit one of our trained dentists. They are a durable fix that looks like your natural teeth. They are fantastic treatments for stained teeth that are resistant to whitening with conventional bleaching solutions.

Why Are Veneers Not Removable?

Composite veneers are different from bonding in that veneers are permanent whereas composite bonding is just temporary. Our dentists will therefore help you make a selection depending on your circumstances and preferences. At our practice, it is your responsibility to select the best course of therapy for you.

Tooth Bonding and Repair

Our dentist suggests using bonding to fix a tooth by altering its form. This also involves filling up spaces between the teeth. The remedy fades off with time, so additional treatments will be required in the future.

Visit or call us today to talk to one of our trained dental specialists who will teach you about bonding and veneers. Our clinic offers you the different options and you have the task of choosing the one right for your teeth.
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