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Porcelain Crowns Orland Park IL

Rendering of jaw with dental crown by Orland Dental Care in Orland Park, ILWhen teeth are missing, the health of the whole mouth suffers. Abscesses, misalignments, crowding, and difficulties performing routine tasks like eating, laughing, and talking are all real risks. Luckily, dental crowns are a simple and cost-effective means of restoring the function of your natural teeth while perfectly blending in with the rest of your teeth.

Our cosmetic dentist at Orland Dental Care offers high-quality cosmetic dentistry services such as crowns so that nobody has to ever know you had a missing tooth.

People have been using crowns to repair teeth for centuries. In the past, we made crowns almost exclusively out of silver and gold. Many people saw these gold and silver crowns as signs of wealth, especially gold crowns, because they are expensive to make. These days, our patients want an option for crowns that makes them less noticeable. They want to protect their teeth - inconspicuously. Dental crowns are usually made from porcelain with a metal cap underneath, which makes them strong and not easily broken.

What Are Crowns?

A standard dental crown is a small cap designed to fit over the surface, or "crown," of a tooth to protect it from disease or damage, or to hold it together.

A crown can be the right fix for a wide array of dental issues. If you are dealing with decay, infection, cracks, a tooth that is falling apart, or a particularly sensitive tooth, a dental crown can likely help. We may also place a crown as part of an overall treatment.

What Are Crowns Used For?

In the past when a cavity needed to be filled, a lot more was drilled out of the tooth than just the cavity. Dentists at this time thought it was best in order to prevent further decay. Now we know that over-drilling actually makes teeth weaker, so we remove as little of the tooth as possible, to keep it strong and cover it with a crown.

Crown Procedure

A permanent crown will take multiple visits to our office, though you can have a temporary crown placed immediately. Every treatment starts with a thorough diagnostic and review of your medical history to determine that you are a good fit for the procedure. We will likely need to alter the underlying tooth somewhat to support the crown, and after that we can place a temporary crown. It takes some time to manufacture your permanent crown, but once it is completed, we will finish the treatment.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

An all porcelain crown will most closely resemble the rest of your natural teeth. Like your natural front teeth, an all porcelain crown is subtly semi-transparent, so light is reflected in a similar way. A metal core crown does not have this same advantage as light cannot penetrate the metallic interior, lending the crown more of a matte appearance.

Visit Our Practice for Optimal Care

Regular visits to the dentist's office are one way you can ensure proper maintenance of your dental crowns. Visit us at Orland Dental Care to get your crowns checked and prevent recurring dental decay. We will ensure that your dental crowns last a long time. Call us at 872-266-2207 if you want to get a crown placement.
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Thanks to advances in technology, porcelain has become a preferred material when it comes to cosmetics. Call Orland Dental Care to learn about Porcelain Crowns!
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